Robert Hay, who survived a prostate cancer diagnosis, is backing the latest Detect Cancer Early campaign and sharing his story in a bid to help reduce fear around cancer by talking about his experience.

The father of two, 65 from Glasgow, said:

“After diagnosis, I was given a few options. Because the cancer was in such early stages I could have left it for the time being while going for regular tests to ensure it wasn’t spreading or growing, I could have had an operation to remove the cancer, or finally, I had the choice of having the prostate removed altogether.

“I decided to have my prostate removed entirely. For me it was an easy decision. If you take away the prostate it was almost guaranteed that the cancer would be completely removed and there’d be no chance of it growing or spreading.

“I found the whole process incredibly easy. I suffered no pain, had little discomfort and was quickly able to enjoy a normal life. I was only off my work for just over four weeks and quickly got back into a normal routine.

“Two years after the operation I was given the all clear. I was incredibly lucky that my cancer was picked up at such an early stage as it’s allowed me to have a positive outcome. The key is finding it as early as possible, so I’d encourage anyone who’s experiencing any kind of change in their health or symptoms they’re worried about to go to their doctors.

“It could be nothing, but it’s better to know either way.”

Have you influenced a loved one to get checked early? Or did you get checked early and now live a full life? If you'd be willing to support our campaign, we'd love to hear from you – your story could encourage someone else to take action. Contact us here