Jane Grant, 54 from Wishaw, was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2012 after failing to respond to treatment for rheumatoid pain. When the mother of four was sent for a CT scan, she was diagnosed with paraneoplastic syndrome with a resulting mass found in her right lung. Discussions about treatment happened straight away and Jane’s surgery to remove the tumour went ahead at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in October, just over a month after her diagnosis. Jane, who works as a mental health nurse for people with addictions at NHS Lanarkshire said: “When I was diagnosed with paraneoplastic syndrome it was explained to me that some tumours give off hormones which is what was causing the pain in my joints. “I didn’t have typical symptoms of cancer, but was persistent in getting it investigated as I knew something just wasn’t right. “When I was diagnosed, my youngest child was 12. As upsetting as it was; I suppose I had a very practical approach to it all and just wanted to get on with the treatment. I remember feeling relief that the cancer was found early enough, and it hadn’t spread. For me, hearing it was treatable was the main thing. “I had a good outcome, the surgery went well and overall I had no problems with recovery. “I’m back at work and would say I’m more active than I was before my diagnosis. I got my dog Woody as part of my recovery and enjoy getting out and about with him. “I feel like I’ve come a long way in five years, and being able to spend time with my daughters, son and grandchildren is everything. “I consider myself as being lucky, but awareness definitely plays a part. If you have a symptom and it doesn’t go away, my advice would be to get it checked out.”

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