"It started with a cough in July 2011 and after going to my GP I was prescribed antibiotics. However the cough persisted so I returned. Given I had presented with chest infections to the GP at fairly frequent intervals over the previous years, I was sent for a chest x ray. I then went off on holiday.

When I returned from holiday late September, I had a letter from my GP advising that the x ray had revealed an abnormality had been detected at the top of my right lung. This came as a shock and I then saw a Consultant.

Initially, the Consultant thought I might have an infection or TB. However, after various tests and examinations he ruled out an infection and at this stage I asked if he thought my cancer had returned, "it may have" he replied, but he could not be sure.

After having a further bronchoscopy and medianoscopy, I was told I had lung cancer. Initially, I found it hard to come to terms with the diagnosis as I thought you only got lung cancer if you smoked, were subject to passive smoking or if members of your family had been previously diagnosed with lung cancer.

The tests revealed that the cancer was localised in my lung and the Surgeon advised that he would operate to remove top 1/3 of my lung where the tumour was present. I went into hospital just before Christmas for 7 nights. I remember waking up after my operation in the High Dependancy Unit to be told the operation had gone well and that I would not need radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Going forward I just have frequent check-ups. The treatment and care I received was first class."

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